CôtéZero The Profressional life of Ben Côté


behind cameraMy vision of the world around me is influenced by the lense I see it through. Telling new stories and using new technology to do this has fueled my vision.


From short films to internet shows I have shot on everything from a web cam in Park City  to a RED ONE in Spain.  


By background in film and video was leveraged extensively at DivX and Stage6 where I built communities around the technology and the creation of digital content for the web.   We were the first video community website to stream full HD video and I was the first to create a high definition video blog from Sundance, CES and Comic-Con.


My videography includes video blogs from around the world, award winning short films, and viral videos.



Edit reel for video blogs from Sundance Film Festival, CES, and Comic Con

Produced, Directed and Hosted by Ben Cote

Corporate and Video blog mix edit reel

Produced, Directed and Hosted by Ben Cote